Sayings and quotes that expand the horizons always have inspired people of intelligent words. Especially quotes by spiritual teachers, or so-called enlightened ones”are popular and are often searched the Internet. The esoteric industry is booming and always again someone pretends to be, knowing exactly how you have to live a guru. But what it is real and only ramblings? A principle that runs through almost all the teachings, is to live in the now. One is to live the present moment and repent of past, nor future fear. So many spiritual teachers emphasize it and also some religions white points out. Especially Buddhism focuses on.

So one of the Buddha’s famous quotes is: do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future. Focus on the present moment.” Also one of the most famous spiritual teacher emphasizes this principle. Eckhart Tolle, a native German, was with his books now! The power of presence”and A new Earth”world famous. The following quote from him suggesting how enslave themselves most of time and stress: time is not at all precious, because it is an illusion. What seems so precious to you, is not the time, but the only point which is outside of the time: the now. This however is precious. The more you concentrate on the time, past and future, the more you’re missing right now, the most precious thing there is.” It is also assumed that all the people problems just by thinking.

So, a problem would be no problem if you would make it not only even one. As Eckhart Tolle writes: your mind is an instrument, a tool. It has its benefits for certain tasks, and when you’re done, you turn off again him. Are in fact eighty to ninety percent of the thinking of most people not only useless and repetitive, but often so distorted and negative, they seem downright harmful.” Even the supposedly enlightened Bodhidharma, the This opinion was founder of Zen Buddhism. “So was handed down by him: because we use our imagination to create new ideas and concepts, and then keep them for the reality we live all the time in hell.” “The word Zen” is nowadays almost a fad become. There are Zen furnishings, Zen literature, Zen-wellness offers, and much more. Here, you must keep that one can distinguish the fad of the true Zen Buddhism. The fact is that get more and more people from their original religions and feel the spirituality, mysticism, or of another religion closer belonging. They look there for their unanswered questions and created their own version of a higher power.