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Here I will like a man, do not approve of. " The role of the God-man sang Vyacheslav Tikhonov. The most mammal-like God in the animated series 'South Park': a cross between a hippo, cat and monkey, with a long tongue, which he catches flies. Creators Matt Stone series and Trey Parker explain it this way: 'Why all believe that God must look like an old white guy with gray hair? No one knows what God looks like. We can only guess.

" According to the authors, God lets the paradise of some Mormons (and Saddam Hussein, but it is forced), and the Buddhist, so it's always so calm and interested in current events only when absolutely necessary. The most complete God in another animated series – 'The Simpsons'. Unlike the other characters in the series, in his five fingers on his hands (instead of four). As if proud of it, it is often only the hand and shows the clouds. On the whole, looks traditional: white-haired old man dressed in white, emitting radiance and has thunder voice. He himself, however, yellow, like the other characters 'The Simpsons'.

And his face was shown only once, and usually mysteriously remained outside the frame. God most ambitious in the film Carl Reiner, 'Oh, my God! ": It very much wants to restore its former popularity in human society. For this he appears in today's Los Angeles and refers to the usual supermarket manager, powder his brains out and calling a new Moses. Together they deploying public relations campaign that includes litigation, appearances on television and the press conference on drevnearameyskom. At the same time looks Creator bodrenko old man without a beard, but with glasses, sneakers and baseball cap. The film is based on the novel by Avery Corman, and has two sequels: "Oh, God! – 2 '(where God is a little girl with the same mission as the first part.) And' Oh my God! You devil! " (Where George Burns played not only God but also his eternal opponent). And the most diverse God – in the series' new Joan of Arc '(translation:' Joan of Arcadia "). Not having a specific shape, it can be an attractive guy, six-year old girl, a simple electrician – but always on time gives wise advice, suggests the right way the main character. Because really look to God – not the main thing. Source: Retsenzent.RU

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