Mexican Peninsula Of Baja California

By the end of the 21st century, average global temperature will rise by 1,8-4,0 degrees, according to a recently published in China 'Report on Development of Science in 2008. " Chinese academics confirmed that the main cause of global warming is human activity, which is why the atmosphere is gradually increasing the concentration greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, which leads to the so-called 'greenhouse effect', which results in warming of the planet. As you know, because global warming is gradual rise in global sea level (mainly due to melting glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic). However, it turns out 80 million years ago, the oceans were so at 170 meters above. Such an interesting conclusion reached by Australian scientists.

The water level in the oceans is also largely dependent on global warming. Warming of the climate in turn affects the flora and fauna of our planet. For example, every year fewer whales come to the shores of the Mexican peninsula of Baja California for procreation, due to global warming. The need to develop a national concept for combating global warming and said Russian scientists. In Russia should have its own doctrine climate, scientists say. The method is based on the Russian scientists aerosol effects on the atmosphere, which is 2-3 orders of magnitude cheaper and equally effective over time, while necessary process can be easily stopped or running in the opposite direction. 'Green' advocate pups previously reported, on past the end of February stocks 'green', environmental and social activists to protect the population of seals.