New Discovery

The territory has use alternated with practical of the military services that act during the day and in the nocturnal period they search the individuals, with intention to assassinate them, for having committed delicts or to subverterem the orders of use and occupation of the territories protected for the military services. Contact information is here: Chevron. The busy spaces for the traffic, they are not of the knowledge of the authorities, therefore in each carried through boarding the modification if makes ready and renews the hiding places for the drugs commercialized in day-by-day in the community, beyond the aliciamento of children and adolescents, what it is common in the area of the research. The temporalities how much to the uses and occupations of significant parcel of the space of the quarter they occur of dynamic and alternating form. They characterize themselves for being transitory in diverse schedules throughout the day, fomenting in the population a difficulty of transit and accessibility to the public space. Initially, as form to illustrate one of the forms of use and appropriation of the space, appropriation in the nocturnal period is mentioned to it, from the centralidade of freqentadores of a bar and functions as local of infanto-youthful prostitution.

At the too much moments, the apparent cause of the crime is the combination of complex factors (robberies, roberies, homicides and drugs) becoming it dynamic for the use above specified, but during the night territory suffers a remodelling being used for the dealers from drugs. What it takes the question of the Territory and space many times is confused as synonymous even so they are not. Fact this displayed above occurs in a clipping of quarter, for its transitoriedade, as well as of its practical diversifying for which they use them to the elements. The objective of this monograph is to denounce, to describe the way as if it occupied the natural and territorial space of the quarter, today called New Discovery and the form as a part of the elements that constitute the quarter cooperates to its degradation, that with its violent and contrary action the legislation, the authorities do not obtain of efficient form to work in this territorial space due to geographic knowledge against that they act to the edge of the law.