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Andean Society

Colonial Latin America, (vol. I and II) So Paulo, Edusp, Brasilia DF, Foundation Alexander de Gusmo, 1999. TODOROV, Tzvetan. We and the others: The French reflection on the Diversity Human being, v.1. Rio De Janeiro, Jorge Zahar, Publishing company, 1993. It analyzes of the texts: Both the texts portray a period of conflicts where the […]

The Spirit

Second it is the life with the men, where the relation takes language form, or world the affectivity, also EROS call. Finally the life with the spirit, where the relation, even so without language, generates language, or the world of the validity, or LOGOS. When the perfect meeting if carries through, these three spheres if […]

The Environment

In such a way, it was developing and inventing technological instruments with the objective to surpass difficulties (FILIPA, 2008). Since the times of the primrdios the man interacts with the environment to satisfy the necessities of survival and to communicate itself with the others through together gestures, symbols and drawings to form communities, groups and […]