Valley Of Gueyes

Monterrey, N.l., Mexico. The news released by the newspaper El Universal, of the city of Mexico, talks about the loss of 80 percent of the Huasteca Potosina, formerly rich in forest and fauna unique in the world, faced with the advance of farmland and livestock areas. There is an area called La Huasteca where the ancient mountains jealously guard a place called Valley of Kings where the aim is to build thousands of homes surrounded by golf courses in Monterrey. The idea is good, only that there is where the aquifers of the Metropolitan Monterrey is replenished and building there would be a real violation of the ecology in a zone where the least mind is precisely the ecology. With these two examples, we show the stupidity of the human being does not respect their environment and insensitivity to coexist with the environment that is also alive. In Finland, for example, there is a timber industry that is unique in the world. But while tens of hectares is being felled daily, there are one-third more trees that It had before World War II.

In Mexico, unfortunately, the assassination are a plague that devastated our country arboriferas areas. Corruption and complicity with authorities have not been able to curb this practice. Thus, in our country are tells dude who behaves like a true beast. And of gueyes is full the country and more than those who have no respect for nature or the House that is their children. Also in Monterrey there is a regulation that oblige the inhabitants of the city to plant a tree a year and take care of him. But just pass through our city streets to see how they maim defenseless trees that they not throw rubbish as they call the natural process of the fall of the leaves to be winter. As said, we live in the Valley of Gueyes, long overdue. Bearer… In United States there are twice as many trees a hundred years ago. What costs us imitate them on that? Blogs related the best Golf courses in the region of Malaga Blog of Golf courses in region of Malaga II tourism and Opinion Blog: deplete blades of complaints in the Fusion magazine Blog Archive implemented in Monterrey the Arsenal / Journal Digital La Mexico City will be converted last minute blog archive armed groups repeated blockages in drug trafficking BALACERA EN MONTERREY; DIE two criminals The Squirrel Cam Blog Archive Flora & Fauna New Website for Association of Campos de Golf de Tenerife Radio Trece 1290 AM