The Summit

AT the Summit the DISCREDITING not only persons, entities and institutions suffer loss of reputation and loss of reputation. The phenomenon also extends to phrases, popular expressions, beliefs, customs, sayings and behaviors. Source: Montauk Colony. We therefore take a look at society and the collective imagination of areas affected by the discredit. First of all are very desprestigiadas exhaustive investigations that announce an event about which there is no clarity or authorities when occurs a confusing fact, a crime. The official bulletins thereon reflected a laconic tale of what happened and end offering the proverbial research. At the end the results of it are unknown and left everyone feeling that nothing has been done or it has not complied with the duty, by the media, to follow the news. It is also thoroughly discredited, especially after the disaster of the Colombia selection in the World Cup qualifiers, the phrase coined by Francisco Maturana whereby losing It is to win a little.

The phrase itself is very philosophical and useful to confront the difficult times, but we got used to losing so followed by the sentence passed to become an excuse behind which hide the multiple causes which are common setbacks not only in sports but in other areas of our everyday life. A separate chapter deserve merit competitions or meritocracy in the official entities, especially in those cases where the process ends in the conformation of a triplet which the nominating may make use of the discretion to choose who consider more suitable, regardless of the results obtained or the capabilities of the contestants. Discretion is an excellent figure through which you can pay for favors, help friends and accommodate political allies without violating the law. In the most deplorable discrediting have dropped long-standing promises of candidates for popular election corporations. To read the so-called the unsuspecting citizen government programs could reach the conclusion that WINS you win (all proposed almost the same) your city, your department or your country, will be a paradise. Any proposal that is respected includes magical solutions to unemployment (almost always via the stimulation and creation of micro-enterprises), improving public services, transparent management of resources and management of open doors.

But as citizens of our times are no longer so unprepared they know that the above-mentioned proposals are only a requirement that must be met before the Registrar and after the elections will be only a lot of recyclable paper or a pile of waste destined for the trash basket. And there’s more, much more on the scene of the smear. The list includes the predictions of the witches (astrologers or teachers say them now); the recipes of rapid results (steps five type infallible to become a millionaire in one day), those diets (almost magical miraculous); the arguments that are sustained labour reforms (almost always new jobs generation); the slogans of the political campaigns; the reasons why suspended the service of power (maintenance); the excuses; meetings to analyze the situation of the country and in general and official announcements according to which we will not have new shoe lifts this year is necessary to recover the prestige. The people and the institutions. For this purpose there is a formula that is well complex in its simplicity: always tell the truth and have a perfect harmony between what we think, what is said and what is done. BY: ALEJANDRO TERESA MART?