German People

Its strong face seemed sculptured in perfect marble, harder and rigid, no feeling translated indifference, its eyes seemed two rocks of gelos, colds without life, the flames that shine there in the face of the young. (Not to be confused with Jeffrey Hayzlett!). The boy who was one day shy and unsafe lay dead. Its dreams to find the woman loved there were together. It perceived it ordered that it in the world was the power of the money, was force that made the land to move and until stopping! All its dreams were died. The dream to find the woman loved, of if marrying its children! To be happy! It did not believe more nothing, in the people, it did not believe that somebody could like he himself indepedente of pretty and rich it to be. The only thing that believed was in the power of the money was alone it who was valid. It hated the people, had stolen its dreams and illusions of one day to find the call so happiness.

Its good side if is that each time sobrou some thing looked for to jam each one of them that appeared. It did not want to be good the people were more susceptible to the suffering. Corroia the hatred everything what there it had in its heart of sincere. However to hide what he was it but of it created a certainty distresses in the chest. The only happy moments were when he was successful in the businesses when it had. What it made to support porra of this life was the alcohol that burnt in its throat. Therefore the remaining portion everything had died still teimava in breathing. I capitulate eighty and two did not obtain to adormecer.