The President

Very important that points out the Publisher of the editorial of Emilio Figueredo, that if in Venezuela not the decision call harmony, dialogue, tolerance, is will be sowing winds that will very soon become storms that will make that our country becomes unliveable by unstoppable global insecurity and violence without contention. Here all we be – in greater or lesser extent, victims of this situation. It is not that does not affect some, we are all potential victims. It is time to open avenues for dialogue and reconciliation. Venezuela has no future as a divided nation; only those who understand that the country needs a consultation will be the qualified to govern in the future. The others that promote polarization, exclusion and intolerance disappear from history leaving a trail similar to that left Monteverde and Boves. In conclusion the Government authorities should identify more with his role, communities require their protection rights that impunity will not be imposed and that each who does what she wants, all otherwise must be re-established the order, because we cuanquiera us this subject to that at any moment be victim of the underworld, from anyone who wants to do us harm, knowing unpunished crimes in the country, considered that: the legitimization of violence can reach to justify violation of human rights, killings and coups d ‘ etat that would say a tourist, especially European with respect to this situation, where already there have been cases case of assaults, kidnappings. The Government must take more seriously this problem that has seriously affected tourism in the country, in addition to the fear, insecurity, so the Venezuelan faces life facts where there is no guarantee of this, since is this mercy of underworld and often the reality that law enforcement agencies do not adequately met its role. The President faced the prospect of wanting to do the transformations necessary to continue with its revolutionary processes Bolivarian cannot allow that this will continue because that leaves much that say their warranties to the Venezuelan who wants to live in dignity, in peace and with the protection of a State in all its fields. original author and source of the article.