Thomas Ducree

These are students who delight in schools for their subjects and to take the young people the fear of technical subjects. The 70 scholarships, which will be paid from October students of the universities of Hohenheim, Stuttgart and Tubingen and the Hochschule fur Technik (HFT) Stuttgart, and the Hochschule Esslingen, are predominantly Germany scholarships”with a range of 300 euros per month. Half of the money is thereby made available by the Foundation, raised the other half of the State. For the allocation of grants, the respective college even cares to specially defined criteria that take into account the performance, social commitment, or the social background of students. Personal contact between the Foundation and scholarship recipients of the financial assistance, the plaster-Weiss Foundation maintains personal contact with your fellows.

We have in the last year of The Board of Directors of Thomas Ducree tells Fellows celebration participated and the students that we support to us in the Foundation invited so that the contact is maintained,”. Also at this year’s gala event the plaster-Weiss Foundation scholarship recipients and Fellows will be guest: on 23 October the plaster SAFA research endowed with 40,000 euros award technical progress for the first time. Awards is an interdisciplinary research project with particularly high innovation potential that is from sustainable benefit for man and society. Thomas Ducree will also introduce the plaster Schule newcomer award this evening and feature for the first time. “The prize will be awarded in the autumn of 2014 for the first time, is aimed at university graduates and, like the research award, on the topic of man and technology” refer.

At the awards ceremony our grant recipients and Fellows will have the opportunity to establish interesting contacts and maybe yes ambition is spurred on, sometime even to keep one of the two prizes in hands”, says Thomas Ducree smiling. Through the plaster School Foundation, the plaster Schule Foundation is a firmly established institution in Baden-Wurttemberg since its inception in 1965. Their wealth goes back to the couple Schule, had founded the first factory of plaster in the Stuttgart area in 1870 in Bad Cannstatt. The Foundation’s work is supported by the conviction that science and research, as well as the promotion of junior research and teaching are essential foundations for social progress and economic stability. Fairness, sustainability and responsible management of resources and growth are the values that the plaster Schule Foundation conducts its business and its funding decisions. For more information,