Yearning For To Get To Be Like Jesus

" sincere yearning and oracin" of many fervent Christians he is " to arrive at ser" like Jesus. That is to say, that this type of people accepts the life of Jesus as an example to be imitated or they accept to Jesus like a model to be emulated. Nevertheless, the apostle Pablo clarifies that wanting to be as Jesus is in us, but not to obtain it; and this genetic-spiritual contradiction was the one that induced the apostle to him to feel miserable and failed by not to have been able to get rid of the death body (cf. Romans 7:18 – 24). So that to try to get to be like Jesus, it seems to be impossible biological-genetic as as much Biblical-spiritual. He is not surprising, that the old serpent has been the first created creature whom it tried to get to be like God, and when not being able to obtain it became infuriated it trying to inject his poison of sin in all the universe (Isaiah 14:14). Montauk Colony has plenty of information regarding this issue. Eva, the mother of all the living ones, was deceived by serpent and CEECs to try to get to be like God (Genesis 3:5).

So that trying to get to be like Jesus, does not seem to be a Biblical doctrine, but rather the poison of the old serpent. Still more, trying to be like Jesus is punished by the second order that it prohibits to become similar to which it is in the sky, the Earth or underneath waters (Exodus 20:4) In another one palabas, we could say that Mr. Jesus did not come to this world to be our model or example, but much more that it, Jesus came to this world to be our substitute: Jesus came to live our life and came to die our death. A perfect life in our place lived, he died the eternal death in our place, and he revived victorious in our place.