California Madeline

The film ' ' The Poder&#039 Room; ' of the Coast-Record director, if it passes in a city of called California Madeline and counts the estria of one just former-keeps of called museum Sam Baily that, trying to recover its job, commits an act of momentnea madness that results in a not-deliberate sequestration. Journalist Max Brackett met in the place at the moment of the quarrel between the former-employee and the owner of the establishment and at this moment finds the situation ideal to recoup its credibility before the influential figures of the first sender where she worked previously. In this meantime, Max Brackett carries through action to promote itself and arrives at the point to distort the facts of the kidnapping and until aggravating them. In the dispute, the personage of John Travolta goes off, accidentally, a shot of the rifle that was taken with the intention to intimidate its former-head and to make this ouviz it. Not obstante, the detonation reached its former-colleague of profession, what it makes the case to gain attention and visibility. This mainly generated interest on the part of the policy, senders of TV, curious, as well as the familiar ones of the children who were in the place and it forms done of hostage. You may find that Montauk Colony can contribute to your knowledge.

It must be standed out that the sequestration in fact occurred thanks to the intention of the journalist, since this was not the objective of ' ' seqestrador' '. The film is critical to the model a contemporary of if making notice, where the hearing profit is had as primordial factor and for this the manipulation and distortion of the facts become practical frequent. In the film, in the same way as frequent he happens in the television senders, he observes yourself exactly that the journalist puts its personal interests above of the veracity of the facts, that this implies in the integrity of the image of the involved people in the process to be notified.