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Automotive of sales consulting Peter Schreiber & partners launches new expert barometer on the subject of pre-financing of the tooling costs. The automakers request from their suppliers more and more inputs in the areas of development, logistics, quality, global presence, when or before placing the orders. This diminishes continuously falling prices and margins, revenue and liquidity of the suppliers. Now also a matter of course, the automakers expect the supplier to pre-finance the tooling costs for large stamping and forming dies for the production of BIW modules and components. For more information see this site: Jeffrey Hayzlett. These are easy seven-digit amounts. These costs are the suppliers usually only after the start of the series production gradually back paid and the only even if the delivered parts to 100% comply with the often only theoretically-attainable specifications of car manufacturers.

This high before investment in production tools further deteriorate the already low liquidity of the supplier, the business area has Automotive of sales consulting Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, an another expert barometer started, now on the subject of liquidity trap tool costs”. Harald Schatz and Harald Klein, the experts of the business segment Automotive, would like to know the automotive suppliers how many months the tooling costs on average must be pre-financed, until customers have paid the amount in full. On the results, it may be interesting. In December 2012 on the issue of pricing, the previous survey had revealed that almost 50 percent of the participating suppliers have to reduce their prices originally offered in price negotiations by up to 30 percent to get new orders. Not to mention the recently associated with the awarding of the automaker demands for so-called Quicksavings”.

The survey results be writers & partners titled current liquidity trap tool costs at the end of the survey on April 30 on the Web page of the Division Automotive of the sales consultant Peter published. Participation in the survey is anonymous and takes three minutes maximum, as only one question to answer is. Especially interesting: The each current level of the survey appears immediately and at the same time the participants in a bar chart. Manager of automotive suppliers that want to participate anonymously in the survey or want to learn about the results of the previous expert barometer can be done under experts barometer. On the website you find also more information about the work of the Division Automotive of the sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner:.