Pay Debts

Bodies if join, however the Being that comes to the light, are not what if it wants, but what God wants, therefore between innumerable spermatozoa alone some are fecundados. Nor all obtain to win the challenges to form a distinct body. Everything what God makes is Perfect, even though to hinder for an ignorance mist that the human beings know in the route of the evolution its pairs. To pay to debts your lips, fianc mine, they distill honey. Honey and milk if find underneath of your language, and the fragrance of your dresses is as of the Lebanon.

Cntico of the Cnticos de Salomo, CAP. 4:11. It ate, it drank, it married, To the search of a solution, That is in same itself For its rise. Nobody goes to pay debt If to marry or not to marry, We are a great family In a marriage without pair. For God it does not have feminine or masculine Sex, Therefore as prime number Is divisible for one, Or he himself. The Law of the Reincarnation Finishes without distinction With the concern it human casrio.

Mother marries with son Without knowing I cry that it In time IDO, By it was conceived. Mother-in-law marries son-in-law, Because it Supreme Father To free each Being For you make it to grow Is much more important. Son marries father Without no distinction, Is the union fraterna In a great repairing. Until learning that to marry, That to contract alliances, It is the love to all the people, As the love of the children. The children not are married, Nor if they give in marriage, However they love With total unfastening. When all to learn That they are brothers Will arrive the day then Of the real confraternizao. The liquidated debts will be, Without the union with the substance, All really if large house In this new Sky and Land.

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