Peter Enrique

The facts if initiate, with a young; its name: Peter Enrique. Peter always is a young applied in the studies, although to have lost its parents still new for consequncia of in an car accident. Peter always if mostrra, to surpass very easy to the difficulties and the barriers that the life imposed to it. The year which I describe is 1958 Peter liveed in a pacata city in the south of the Frana.Sua origin was Brazilian, more practically lived all its youth in France with its parents. With the tragic accident involving its parents, Peter is taken for a species of shelter, that received orphans and abandoned children. Although many believed that the young boy was perplexed, Peter always revealed total mature and safe to face such situations and he did not delay pra very that the young youngster decided, to leave the shelter and to run behind its dreams. Dream which was to come back to Brazil and if to specialize in one appraised university, its course of choice could not be more obvious In the year of 1966, arrives at Brazil and initiates its specialization in mathematics scientific. More clearly than it was not far from easy, Peter passed for many inopportune ones; to the times it did not have what to eat to pay the ticket of only gone until the university and always the foot came back, but although everything it came with the most beautiful smile printed in the face, therefore wise person that later would harvest the fruits planted by its proper work, the life of Peter consisted itself of studying and working to pay to its studies and the rent of one room of tenement house, After all with the little money that received for the work that carried through, was only what it could pay and during all its hours of working and studies, never happens nothing of new, its days seemed weeks, the months if they were similar has years thus lived four years consecutive.