Accomodated Ones

One of the great problems of the majority of the people is always to be made comfortable when they find a more complicated situation for the front who do not want to strengthen themselves to give to a step the front more. People of this type are people who the more sleep more want, always costumam to find some excuses for its room, transit are it, are the small children or the money lack, that is, had lost the will of living, does not take care of of its personal appearance is not had fun, they do not go to the cinema or the restaurants and many times put in a pierced pyjamas t-shirt or shimstocks folgado without string or of penhoar the entire day only complain of the life can say that they had died and they forgotten if lying down. Most of the time these people have the pleasure to find defects in those people who want to have fun themselves or to be innovative, are envious and want to find excuses for its proper room, if veem a older person trying to be happy friction this person ' ' old (a) assanhado (a)' '. To the times the room is one virus that we have to be successful! Skirt more goes to the cinema, to walk in a square or park, has almost always the sensation of that diversion is only possible with money, if arranges buys new clothes goes the beauty hall if you are woman or make the beard daily if you are man, look for to place a perfume, to shine the shoes same you will be yourself for being in house, I am not wanting to say that we do not have to be comfortable but yes we must be with a good appearance stops in the same ones and our family. We do not have to leave our head to mofar we must always play new knowledge inside of it, make a new course, read a book or even though to study because not? I know one gentleman whom to the 70 years if he formed in Right and he thinks about acting as a lawyer, you can be enrolled in some institution as voluntary for example. He is never old excessively! In the companies we can find many people accomodated who do not innovate do not change its way to think, has fear to assume new responsibilities, that is, they do not want if to compromise to the company they are only limited to fulfill to its hours of working and only this. It has other groups of people who say ' ' I am analgico' ' I very do not understand of computer science, not necessary to be all time ' ' antenado' ' with what this happening in the world, to put the digital world this, in that we make we have technology, them uses automatic boxes, digital television, cellular telephones, cinema there and not to put when the subject is innovation they start to have fear, do not want to accept new ideas want to be accomodated, then if does not accomodate alive with responsibility and if amuses making what you like, tries the new! Either a person ' ' on-line' ' not ' ' off-line' '. We go to reflect on this! (Peter Pablo Galindo Morales is Technologist in Management, Postgraduate in Controladoria, Technician in Contabilidade and Blogueiro,)..