Sabine Amend

September 2013 in Frankfurt instead. Under the slogan change can be easy?”can experience the participants as lightness and humor in processes of change to take effect. The event is aimed at experts and executives from different areas. “Because the organization team is convinced: create new dialogue and friction of different perspectives.” Therefore, scientists, entrepreneurs and technology experts are welcome as well as organization development, business development manager, or communications specialists. Cost of the event for non-members: 230 euro for members 130 euro.

Experienced executive team from Frankfurt creating inporticu e.V. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rod Brooks by clicking through. driven currently volunteers by three women from the Board of Directors. Perspective, it is planned to call new dialogue and learning platforms with other Club members. The three active Board members are connected in various ways with the location Frankfurt are and bring their respective expertise to the organisation: Sabine Amend is in Frankfurt grew up, studied sinology, history and European marketing management in London. You is today the United States primarily in the intercultural field as organizational consultant. Valeria Berghoff Fluel is psychologist and diploma music therapist and accompanied by her hometown Frankfurt from trainers, coaches and consultants in change processes.

Also in Frankfurt, lives and works Sabine Grozinger. The native Schwabin with master’s degree in political science and German literature is now proprietor of a change management consultancy. All three combines the joy of development processes, which together – succeeding are designed in an open, cooperative and appreciative climate -. This attitude is network for development friends”also expressed in the Club description. Sabine Amend: We look forward to many supporters and contributors. “Because we want to create a positive climate for innovation for more people in their professional environment.” The financial barrier to entry of the Club has kept to a minimum: the annual membership fee amounts up to 120 euros. About inporticu e.V.: Inporticu e.V. is a network for people who see themselves as innovators, learning architect, change maker, Anders makers, pioneer or Experimenteure and wishing the lively exchange with each other. As a new Club inporticu e.V. will provide platforms for multi-professional exchange and allow for mutual inspiration and effective cooperation. This creates development and spaces of communication, where people in interdisciplinary, collaborative and creative exchange information, such as new solutions arise contact inporticu: inporticu e.V. – Sabine Grozinger – Tel: + 49 (0) 177 9 59 54 13,