Sioplast International Corporation

Annual general meeting of the Sioplast int. Corp. with an impressive presence of shareholder General Assembly of Sioplast International Corporation, Reno, Nevada, on June 5th, 2010 with an impressive presence of shareholder AGM of Sioplast int. Corp. with an impressive AktionarsprasenzEntsprechend the agenda in almost unanimous decisions were handled quickly. So, the general meeting approved the annual report of the Board and hence the planned activities, as well as the annual financial statements for the years 2008 and 2009. The General Assembly took the advertised sales directly dividend also pleased”Note. The turnover directly dividend, the Sioplast receive shareholders for every kilo of produced Sioplast product a payout in the form of an interim dividend.

Since the Board with the new products, SIOPLAST just has hit the nerve of the times SOLAR roof tiles and SIOPLAST SOLAR House Panel, the confirmation of the Board was only a formality for the present shareholders. And so were the incumbent Board members Dieter Bogel, Dr. Heinz Hilgers and Siegfried Kreft relieved and more reelected for three years with an absolute majority. Since Sioplast has initiated all steps required for an initial public offering in September / October 2010, also this activity was positively taken note. Just the presented documents (market evaluation, licensing and image information and advertising and informational film) further convinced shareholders of the work of the Board.

In the second part of the AGM the shareholders settled then management inform the last State of preparedness in the production and marketing. Therefore the commissioned production company Sioplast GmbH in Erfurt has leased suitable premises and office space. The responsible Licensing Agency has taken extensive development for country product and distribution licenses. You previously encountered already due to the non-existent series products carried only decidedly promotional and PR activities on an international media coverage. It was remarkable with what positive descriptions and expectations of the reporting Sioplast commented.