Yes, blogging and earning online like me hooked hard. So much so that I plunged into this thing and even dragged behind him others. That started even order paper paper journals. Print, even some fees are paid. Attention blog readers offer one of his new paper articles.

Please do not spit – the material was intended for people far removed from blogovodstva and CEO. Besides, was rigidly specify the maximum size, and I write briefly recently forgotten. But experienced internet earner article will also be useful – there are a few moments to explain why one can earn on the blog, not others, and understand the motives of what motivates bloggers … Blogger sapiens Another three or four years ago, the term "blog", meaning only to the whole "personal diary" was not very clear to the Russian Internet users. Today, blogs are many – young people and professors, politicians and businessmen, housewives and pop stars. Even large corporations have got blogs, where they spread the information does not fall into the size of the main site. But for some people to maintain a personal blog and has become a matter for soul, and the main form of income. Begins for the soul, ending the earnings of most professional bloggers in the beginning did not think that maintaining a personal diary will bring them serious money. Each of these first wrote about their own lives, about their views on current events, published some interesting information from other sites, jiving with or without – to express themselves on the souls of the chosen topic.

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