Springs Ponds Waterfalls Beaches

These are made up of for people of all ages, but especially its construction is aimed at children. With the passage of time the conceptual structure of this kind of amusement parks has moved from being a traditional park to a theme park. Where decoration, interaction elements encourage the aquatic world, bringing the idea of a simple water park, a theme or central idea. The most important areas to consider for the design of water parks are playgrounds, where arguably concentrates all the fun of these recreational facilities. Points to consider for design: Natural Water parks, they should have; Additional attractions Springs Ponds Waterfalls Beaches, etc. In the case of the natives, the facilities are given by nature itself, although in many cases are tailored to user needs without altering their integrity. On the other hand the water parks, where all facilities are created by man, known simply as water parks, are mostly a kind of public spaces where through areas for recreation, create a relaxing atmosphere throughout. For your design needs to have: Swimming Pools with special wave effect.

Add or furnishings for the park such as: open closed Slides Games Figures for aquatic playgrounds. In short, these requirements are vital because the world should encourage sea water, water, all marine life, which will give life to a particular environment. Why?; Easy, a water park without any attraction and does not contain additional elements and / or representative, hardly has a great demand within the public. By: Luisa Garcia