The Old

Newborn. With blind faith, I will believe you start to believe in the world. Again mind new newborn new memory. Meanwhile back in the immeasurable old contaminated consumed sore memory is lost in hopelessly forgotten intangible nothing unrecoverable. I new newborn new skin newly sprouted new blood will start this life starting from the memoryless of nothing.

Pain 1.23: This pain of absences has no names only dark presences: are always are. Burning pain tenacious, mutilated spying me between my shadow is. Alone or with distant and sad heart is always It is. Pain of absences without a name without presence deep wound that is only for my bad. Black light 1.24: I would like to believe that this light that invades me even on the inside that reaches my bones and it runs everything is the same who toured your forehead when your front light was and I shadow and sad silence calls sliver light biting my flesh in the lost Street in which the needle travels through the sphere and points to the South always to the South down stone down under rocks that fall and fall without ever stopping. The old 1.25: She was also spring chasing dreams. He awoke to life and opened her breasts laying them on the table feeding mouths white mouths that came from deep within his body from the very inside of life white mouths that gave him the love of each evening after the fatigues. White mouths which called for called for white mouths when she asked for bread love company closed departed forever out of his life. More she not picked up her breasts and ran nude lying, alone, with a handful of memories waiting to return to lay life and gave from the damp, dark and cold bottom of the Earth going to be spring seed, stem, bread, life being not mourn 1.26: not not worth crying when we say goodbye; You should say goodbye and nothing more.