The Defense

Deslindare a series of defense mechanisms that arise in the phallic phase, precisely the time in the organization of the psychic apparatus in which the preconscious begins to have increasing effect. These mechanisms are secondary identification, repression, denial and rejection. Learn more at: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. They rise before registration traumatic sexual difference, especially to the trial of desatribucion of the penis (phallus) to the mother, and provide defensive measures to trauma, which in one way or another perpetuated. Where prevailing repression, clinical correspond to the transference neurosis. If the denial prevails, however, we were within the scope of characteropathies narcissistic. In fact, all these categories (transference neurosis, narcissistic character pathology) are ideal, since the joints are made only changing between these different possibilities. According to Freud, ultimately, all defenses have a similar structure, in which there are two movements: the escape of unpleasant and replacement. Within this general pattern, it is possible to differentiate the various defense mechanisms to prtir seven points: 1) to what the defense arises, 2) how, 3) which is marketed as a replacement, 4) what is the fate of that before This defense arises, 5) what is the fate of the post as a replacement, 6) what is the structure that generates the defense, 7) which is the development of affection in the ego from which it arises. The primary repression appears before the incestuous desires, while the denial stands in front of a traumatic trial linked to a perception that threatens to break the bond of primary identification, of being.