Understanding The Issue

You usually can not change your external world can not change people, nor most of the external circumstances. You can not change the economy of his country, or deal with crime, evil, or the thinking of the majority, however you if you can change your way of thinking, their habits, their vision of life and understand its purpose particular. If you change your thinking, change your way of living and can not change your outer world, if can see it differently. The obstacles in life may be just ESOA obstacles, but if you have generated a change of heart then, these obstacles become stepping stones to grow and advance to new levels. The sky can be seen in two ways: partly cloudy or partly sunny, everything depends on the part in which to concentrate. Finally his happiness or unhappiness depends fully on three factors: A) Your relationship with God.

B) Your relationship with yourself. C) Your relationship with others. This article is not meant to be religious, but practical in application. Maybe you do not believe in God or you, but let me leave two or three concerns to respectoa Imagine that I had given him a Swiss watch brand, high quality, very precise and exquisite appearance. Imagine that this watch comes with a written note that says: This watch was only was the result of an explosion of nature and a process of years of evolution and ultimately the accuracy, presentation and finesse resulted from all this. Nobody involved in his creation! If you read this will say: who wrote this is crazy! It is impossible for a watch at this level is the result of nothing. Necessarily had to be a designer, an engineer, a builder, etc. to Well, now moved the issue of his own creation: Imagine that you would read as follows: You are the result of an explosion, a evolution! What madness would believe that.

You are a work of art created by a great architect and builder God.